The Advantages And Standards Of Mezzanine Racking


Mezzanine racking is generally suitable for supermarkets or large shopping malls. Current rackings not only contain racking, but also various ancillary facilities, such as containers and handling equipment, trolleys, etc., a large supermarket should also be complete A set of cash register systems, then what are the advantages of the shelves that are so important to the sales of supermarkets? Let's analyze them together.


First of all, we find that each floor of the mezzanine racking is very large, and its’ loading is much larger than that of the ordinary shelving. Secondly, we can put the corresponding label on the shelf below the product, which helps the customer to understand the price of the product and other parameters.In addition to the overall view, the design is very beautiful, streamlined and full of people's feelings. In the end, not only ordinary goods, but also clothes and tools can be placed on the shelf, which is the power of the so-called new function shelf. Pay attention to the placement of the goods, the placement must be neat, the labels and goods must be aligned, otherwise it will mislead the customer, causing unnecessary trouble, and also placed in the position of the largest flow of people, this will attract the attention of customers, especially fresh food, because it can not be placed the next day, it should be placed in a crowded position.


The storage rackings have an established standard. For example, the size should be strictly designed according to the customer's requirements. In addition, the material requirements are also very high. Usually, it is made of national standard model steel, for upright or panel, there are strict requirements on the thickness and force level of the steel plate, so as to ensure the quality, the fastening method is adopted during the installation, which is convenient for the user to disassemble and install, and saves a lot of labor.

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