Teach You To Confirm The Reasons For The Deformation Of The Shelves

Teach you to confirm the reasons for the deformation of the shelves

1, the goods placed more than the shelves of the shelves, that is, when the shelves at the time of purchase, the warehouse shelves manufacturers will be based on the carrier layer selection of the corresponding material, and if in actual use, the weight of the goods on the shelf than the selection of materials Weight, the shelf will be deformed.

2, uneven weight distribution, will cause the deformation of the shelves; such as placing the goods, the weight of each layer of goods are concentrated in the middle part, and both sides are not carrying cargo weight, it will certainly cause deformation of the shelves.

3, improper handling equipment operation, and sometimes use units in the handling equipment such as forklifts to operate the goods, due to driver problems, will lead to forklift hit the shelf, resulting in deformation of the shelves.

4, the reasons for improper selection of materials, customers in the purchase of shelves, inevitably encounter some bad shelf manufacturers, cut corners, just enough, so that the shelves deformation.

We know the deformation of the shelf factors, then tell you how to properly use the shelf:

1, the shelf surface is done anti-rust treatment, but in use or pay attention to moisture. Shelves in the damp after the need to wipe clean with a rag to prevent the shelf rust, in particular, should pay attention to the shelf location of the shelf, it is easier to rusty place.

2, the shelf in the use of the process do not overload. Each shelf has its maximum carrying capacity, it has been fixed in the design, so in the course of the use of barely overload, to avoid security risks.

3, pay attention to the size of the card placed on the board, do not ultra-wide and wide. The size of the conventional pallets and cargo should be less than 100mm in the size of the shelves.

4, the goods handling process to gently, to avoid impact on the shelf.

5, to comply with the high-level shelves lighthouse, the bottom of the principle of heavy objects.

6, be sure to choose the quality of the card board, do not use the standard card board.

7, shelves storage of goods, personnel do not enter the bottom of the shelves, safety first.