Sunnyrack Warehouse Heavy Duty Pallet Rack

Qaulity Engineered

To ensure our customer will continue to access qualitified warehouse pallet rack, we promise that  Q235B will be always used in 

manufacturing process. What is more, we ensure the steel specification is absolutely consistenly with Contract refered. including 

steel brand,steel thickness etc.

Safety Compliant to CE certification

Sunnyrack warehouse pallet rack has been designed in accordance with the requirements of CE standard,and has completed 

extensive,independent physical testing of all components.

Why Choose Our Pallet rack

1. Low capital cost: pallet rack is the least experience storage solution available on the market.

2. Easy install and adjust: pallet rack can be constructured, reconfigured, dismantled and reused as necessary.

3. Compatible with most types of handling equipment, no special requirement about the forklift truck, passage size can be designed according to the current forlift.

4. Direct access to all pallets, pallets can be located and moved individually, no first in, first out or first in, late out limit,  forklift operatoe can quickly and easily find and pick up goods from pallet rack system, it is widely  used in supermarket, distribution center,logisti center.

5. Beam height can be adjusted per 75mm according to the storage needs.


Sunnyrack service

1. Quick response: quick response during all process, any problem, contact freely;

2. CAD drawing: with warehouse size, pallet size and storage needs, we will provide you detailed      technical drawing for your warehouse. And installtion instruction will be be provided to guide    the installation work;

3. After sale technical support: any product feedback will be replied within 24 hours