Strengthen Storage Capabilities With Collapsible Welded Wire Mesh Container

If you are looking for a container which will prove phenomenal for your material handling industry and carry materials and stuffs of all kinds ranging in size and other parameters then your search ends here with the wire mesh container.

Wire mesh container is a highly durable container made with different metal wires for holding materials effectively. No matter how big or small, or light or heavy your material is. The best wire mesh containers will keep them all safe and protected and will prove to be the best measure of material handling and managing.

Several features of wire mesh containers are:

 Provides secured stacking

 Brilliant ventilation provider

 Foldable and easy to manage and handle

 Connected in the form of helix to provide strong connections

 Easy to move

 Loading capacity varying from 0 to 800kg depending on the size of the wire mesh container

 Sunnyrack offers a broad variety of strong, functional and dependable welded wire mesh containers to meet your unique storing needs. We carry robotically welded wire containers for superior longevity and stacking strength. Features include a 50*50 mesh pattern, ID plate, galvanized finish after weld, helical hinge wire, strong stacking legs and heavy-duty drop gate latches.