Storage Shelving Color Different Secrets

  Storage Shelving Color Different secrets

  We often see the general color of the storage Shelving are mainly divided into the following several, heavy-duty Shelving are mostly blue or orange-red; lightweight Shelving and medium-sized Shelving are generally gray-white column, anti-collision column with orange red; attic Shelving of wood with primary colors, steel buckle plate with blue. Some enterprises because of the unified CI management system, equipment color needs to be unified management. In fact, the difference in the color of the Shelving, mainly to make the forklift in the Shelving when convenient and direct, can improve work efficiency.

  The surface exterior of the metal parts of the Shelving is made of electrostatic spraying, that is, baking paint. Baking paint is the first metal components to remove oil, rust, phosphating, and then sprayed on the surface of the metal electrostatic powder, finally sent into the oven for high-temperature baking.

  In the indoor use, as long as not damp and the surface of the paint is not damaged, the use of 30-50 years will not rust. Electrostatic powder is produced by professional manufacturers, colors are custom-made, conventional colors have inventory, to special colors need to be customized, and to have the lowest unit quantity. If the storage equipment requires a small quantity, and need special color, may be slightly higher cost.

  Warehouse storage space is very large, in the case of more Shelving, if efficient work is the business needs to consider things. If the color of the Shelving is consistent, for high-intensity work is not appropriate, the color of the distinction can allow the operator after a long period of work, but also to effectively distinguish between shelf location and the goods.