Storage Drive In Pallet Racking System From China Supplier

Dive in pallet racking ,a high density warehouse storage solution for pallets and products.Which eliminate wasted aisle space 

between racks.Multiple depth storage with support rails to allow forklift to dirve into the racks..Because of its desgin,drive in pallet 

racking is a first in,last out(FILO) storage system.It is ideal to store goods of the same size ,shape and weight ,In other word,Drive 

in racking system is best used with a large quantity of similar products .

Drive in paller rack also called Drive through pallet rack.It is avaliable that combine with other warehouse rack system,especially 

push back pallet rack.By combination of drive in rack with other rack,can provide customers with a highly customized storage 


Belowing you will find our Drive in pallet rack combine with heavy duty pallet rack .