Steel Q235 Wire Mesh Decking For Pallet Rack In Warehouse Storage

Sunnyrack Metal Wire Mesh Deck  is made of strong welded wire mesh, with support channel to each pane. Simply drops in place with deck supports wrapped around the top and face of the beams. They are suitable for stocking individual components, cartons or irregular loads

It sits on the pallet racking beam and acts as a shelf. It offers an alternative to timber decking and solid steel panel solutions. This product also allows the permutation of sprinkler water in the eve.

Wire Mesh Decking is widely used in conventional pallet racking, Mesh size can be customized, the wire gauge is usually 5.0--  6.0mm, and the grid can be 50*50,50*100,25*100. 

Surface treatment: hot dip galvanized or powder coating. The wire mesh decking conforms to fire regulations. I t can ensure the goods stored on the beams more safely preventing goods falling off from the racks.

They are widely used as decking panels for conventional pallet racking, which can provide better fire safety performance. It also increase lightening and access for operations, it can also allow you to store skids, pallets or small parts in any location.

Features of Metal Wire Mesh Decking:

A. Welding with U type reinforcing steel under wire decking to get a big load capacity;

B. Surface treatment: Galvanization or powder coating; Antirust and Corrosion resistant;

C. Used together with the Pallet rack or Long Span shelving, can be put on the box beam, Step beam or Z beam;

D. The product is nice and durable, widely used in America and Europe. 

Advantages of Metal Wire Mesh Decking:

A. Designed for storing few varieties and large quantities of similar goods with very high space utilization 

B. Goods are stored and removed from the same side, or done from the opposite side in accordance with the first-in first-out principle 

C. Especially suitable for standard goods units


D. Insertion combination between crossbeams and vertical columns


E. Parts: Upright poles, layer plates, crossbeam, bracing, safety pins, wire footing plates, beam supporting