Steel Pallet And Selective Pallet Rack For Pakistan

This week,Sunnyrack Manufacturing Co.,Ltd have 2 *40HC containers of Steel pallet &pallet rack to deliever to Pakistan,for one big 

textile manufacturer . The size of steel pallets is L1830*D1830.

Steel pallets have been widely used throughout the world. Compared with wooden or plastic pallet, steel pallet is more sturdy and 

time-lasting, keep the steady structure. After been loaded, and also can avoid fumigation. The surface of this pallet is also 

handled with environmentally-friendly material.

Advantage of steel pallet:

1. Steel pallets cater many different dimensions to meet client’s specific needs. Steel pallets are light in weight, high in intensity 

with greatest loading capacity by their unique structure design. Steel pallets have a multifunctional usage. It can both be used in 

warehouse stacking and transportation.

2. 100% environmentally friendly, can be recycled, resources are not wasted. Especially for export, it is not required fumigation, 

pasteurized or treated with preservatives. Steel pallets are compliance with international environmental regulations.

3. Its waterproof, moisture and rust. Compared to wooden ones, steel pallets have environmental advantages (such as wooden 

pallets capacity to breed pests). Compared with the plastic pallets more strength, abrasion resistance, heat resistance, and price 

advantage are they