Steel Mezzanine Warehouse Rack, Heavy Duty Mezzanine

Product Description Steel Mezzanine Warehouse Rack, Heavy Duty Mezzanine is suitable for any regular or irregular space, double or triples the height space, with rack down and up stairs, take maximum usage advantage of the space, and enable it to be fitted out as a storage area, changing room, or offices, etc, can used for any single or complex storage requirements. Mezzanine is assembly and dismountable, and their structure, dimensions and location are easily modified.

Features of steel Mezzanine Warehouse Rack:

1.      2-3 levels, double or triple the warehouse height space;
2.      rack support the mezzanine, maximum storage space;
3.      Rack can be light, medium or heavy loading, any type is available, matching the users' actual requirements completely;
4.      Mezzanine floor type: smooth panel; nonslip panel; perforated panel;
5.      Staircase, slideway, hydraulic lift table, lift and forklift are equipped, for moving the goods easily;
6.      Loading capacity: for rack is base on clients' requirements,
mezzanine floor loading : 50-500kgs/M2;
7.      Level height: around 2200-3000mm;
8.      Color: Blue, Grey; Yellow; Orange;
9.      Surface treatment: Electrical powder-coating or Galvanized.

Mezzanine floors rack are a very quick and cost effective way to create new space without the expense and inconvenience of relocation.