Standard Steel Mezzanine & Industrial Steel Platform

Are you running out of space in your current warehouse? Why not move into a larger facility or add on to your existing building.You can use the existing warehouse space! 

The cost of customized steel platfrom mezzanine compared to having to move your entire business elsewhere or building on to your existing facility. Sunnyrack provide you with the quality and expertise that will exactly suit your warehouse needs and requirements!

Benefits include:

Double your available storage and floor space;

Avoid financial and time costs of moving premises;

Can create heavy duty floors up to 1000kgs / m2;

Support warehouse equipment, AC units, conveyors, materials, parts or products;

Structural steel mezzanine platform is free standing units providing way for a wide array of industry applications – Sunnyrack will have a solution for you. Made with structural I-Beams and open web steel joists, the live load and point load capacities are much greater. This allows for more freedom of design for multi-level and long span platforms to meet any capacity, in any seismic zone.