Stacking Tire Rack For Warehouse Storage

Tires are not easy to stock. They are large, heavy and not easy to move. If your tires are stored efficiently, you can lose much time simply trying to find what you’re looking for. 

Maximize your storage density with the stacking tire rack. Tyre stack racks are used by large tire manufacturers and tire distributors. You can stack up to five racks high. Getting the tires off the floor into the air helps to clear up floor space. You’re able to increase the amount you can store by getting organized with a stackable rack.

The stacking tire rack can be open or close according to the customer’s desire altering the number bars used on stack. The capacity also varies from around 4 tires to 8 tires and may be more in special cases. 

The detachable structure of storage tire rack makes loading, revolving and storing much convenient. It can be accumulated to save apace when it is not used. Steel Tyre racks are collapsible, Low-cost Stacking Racks that reduce costly product damage associtaed withbulk stacking, offers better space utilization product identification and easier handling of product with forklifts, can be used for transport, handling, storage and other logistics in all aspects of storage.

Besides,The steel tyre rack also can be fitted with removable mesh panels to each side and the rear for product protection and is suitable for placement of a standard pallet. The Rack has an added advantage of being nest able 10 high (when empty) for transport and storage and is stackable up to 4 high when fully loaded.

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