Stability Of Warehouse Shelves And Prevention Of Process Problems

  Stability of warehouse shelves and prevention of process problems

  1. The stability of warehouse shelves.

  The stability of the shelves has always been a key problem in the design of the warehouse shelf steel structure, which is the first thing to consider when buying all shelves. The wide application of shelf steel structure system has highlighted the importance and urgency of stability research. It is necessary to introduce reliability analysis because there are many uncertainties in the design, construction and use of the steel structure system of warehouse shelves.

  2. Select the storage shelves suitable for warehouse characteristics.

  Choose the shelves must be suitable for your warehouse characteristics, so before buying, be sure to own, or please professional planning, tailor-made for you, so that the utilization of your warehouse will be greatly increased, but also to the possibility of future problems can be minimized.

  3. Process problems.

  Storage shelves after the formation of black pieces should be in addition to oil, rust, pretreatment, phosphating, passivation, electrostatic spraying, high-temperature curing and many other links. The quality of powder is also a good difference between the points. Generally each shelf company has standard color, spraying standard color general cost is low. If you use a special color, change the powder will increase the duration, waste powder, so the cost will be relatively high. Set up shelves group, the formation of a reasonable structure of the shelf industry pattern. From the development of developed countries, the transport industry through competition, mergers and strong alliances, on the one hand form a small number of large, large group enterprises, to focus on the use of modern science and technology and modern management means to provide high-quality services to meet social needs, to resist risks, leading the industry to develop new trends; On the other hand, the selection of large-scale operation of small enterprises, Shing, to meet the needs of all levels of society, while increasing social employment opportunities. This kind of adjustment, finally made the transport industry of the developed countries to form a few large, oversize transport enterprises and a large number of small private transport enterprises coexist stable structure. In the past ten or twenty years, the development of transport industry in western developed countries is characterized by the rapid obstinacy of a few large and large enterprises, the mainstream of the modernization of the developed countries ' transportation industry and the leading force of the international transportation market, which are also the important support force for the rapid development of the developed countries ' shelves. China should adopt the market mechanism, capital as the link, accelerate the formation of a number of modern large enterprises, to face the needs of China's shelf service, the formation of a new framework for Chinese shelves enterprises. The purchase of storage shelves is one of the most concerned issues for consumers. The main function of warehouse shelves is to store goods, and many times do not need to pay attention to the requirements of the appearance of storage shelves like other goods.