Selective Pallet Rack For Warehouse Storage System

Selective pallet rack for warehouse is the most commonly used of all pallet racking systems.Selective pallet rackprovide simple inventory management and direct visual access to pallets.It is easy to install, low cost and re-configurable for future inventory modifications.

1)Uprights are available in diffirent depths, heights, and capacities. The upright depth is decided by the depth of the pallets being stocked.The most common upright depth for Selective pallet rack is 42” (this allows for a 3” pallet overhang on the front and rear side for safe loading).The upright capacity must be bigger than the combined capacities of the load beams in a section or “bay” of rack.

2)Beams are available in a variety of lengths and load capacities. The beam length is up to the width of the pallets being stored.

Selective Pallet Rack for storage system utilize an assortment of accessories such as wire decking, steel panel and more!Diffirent types of Selective Pallet Rack are available with different designs to fulfill specific functions or create specific advantages.

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