Requirements For Pallet Racking System Design And Quotation

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The Design of Pallet Racking System can be broken down into 3 major factors as below:

1.Stocking goods details

Size and Weight - This is the most important aspect of designing pallet rack systems. Since Warehouse Pallet rack is designed with a built-in safety factor, it is important not to inflate the weight of the product, which will increase the cost of the rack components.

Type and Construction of the Pallet – Because so many types of pallets are being used, it would be inaccurate to say that there is a “standard” pallet. That said, the “typical” pallet for the US market is a 40” wide x 48” deep wood pallet with entry on all four sides and bottom boards running front to back – commonly referred to as a GMA pallet. Note the distinction between a pallet and a skid is that a skid has no bottom boards.

Storage of Product on Pallet – If product overhangs the pallet, the racks may need to increase in width or depth to accommodate the overhang.

2.Physical Site Considerations

You’ll need to know the dimensions of the space allocated to pallet storage, as well as the location of any doors and windows, obstructions, equipment, etc.

Be aware of all obstructions that can affect your layout such as  overhead lighting and piping, sprinklers, bracing, floor gratings, HVAC, offices, etc.


Know the land bearing capacity of the floor and sub-soil and note if the floor is level.

4.Lift equipment

Know the required minimum forklift aisle widths for your particular forklift. Know the capacity of the lift trucks in weight and how high they can reach. You might need to consider if the cost of buying different types of lift trucks is justifiable?

Space planning isn’t easy; it involves business decisions and careful analysis of current operations, as well as planning for future growth. Professional facility design expertise can make all the difference in creating a storage system that offers the best solutions for your operational challenges.