Radio Shuttle Pallet Storage System

Radio shuttle rack is a semi-automated high-density storage system, which uses an automatic device to move in the channel back and forth for transportation, forklift picking up at the end.It reduce the risk of damage on racking structure and it provides a safe environment .70% of the handling process are automatically finished by the shuttle cars which reduce the forklift travel  and make them avaliable for other operation.

Radio shuttle racking system contains 3 parts for working as Radio shuttle rack,Radio shuttle cart and Forklift.It is a special racking system based on Drive in rack,but the depth could be more than 30m.With the guide rail,the shuttle cart can run on the racking system smoothly,and the end stopper is to avoid shuttel cart fall down.

Working Principle for Shuttle pallet racking :

Loading: With the remote radio controller's order,the pallet runner transports the pallet into the tunnel of the racking system from the home position,then returns fo the next pallet.

Picking: With the remote radio controller's order,the pallet runner carries the pallet out of the tunnel to home position or forklift to pick.

Transfering: The pallet runner can be transfered to the other tunnel by forklift,and the quantity of the pallet runners is decided by depth of tunnels,quantity of pallets through put,load and pick frequency etc.

Radio shuttle pallet racking is a new kind of high-end storage management system,with high density storage including racking and electrical power pallet runner with forklift,make a new concept for loading pallets and space storage,utilizes the warehouse space more adequately and flexibility comparing with other traditional storage system.\

Please inform us the listed information for a quick quotation of shuttle rack:

1) drawings of your warehouse or rack system

2) Your pallet size: Height (with goods)*Depth*Length? Which side is for forklift entry?

3) How many start bays and add on bays you want.

4) Clear warehouse height or Max forklift lifting height 

5) Loading capacity of each pallet

6) Aisle width needed for forklift operation