Push Back Pallet Rack System

Make optimal use of warehouse space without having to slow product rotation or increase handling time with a high-quality push back pallet rack system. Pallet racks are accessible from 1 side of the rack system. 

It utilizes a cart system to allow for pallets to easily be “pushed” into deeper locations within the rack system. Once unloaded the cart system allows the carts to gravity feed back towards the loading/unloading point so if there are pallets in that location there will always be a pallet in the ‘first’ position in the rack.

Advantages of Push Back Pallet Rack:

The ability to offer both selectivity AND high-density storage – these characteristics have made push back rack grow in popularity in recent years.

Offers much better use of existing pallet storage space than most storage systems – push back can offer up to 2x to 3x more storage space compared to standard selective rack.

Allows storage for a greater number of SKUs

Each lane is LIFO (last in, first out), but FIFO (first in, first out) can easily be achieved with the proper design

Because forklifts never have to enter the push back rack system, this helps prevent rack damage to the uprights

The single-aisle design allows for much more storage rack area!

Push back rack requires little to no maintenance

To maximize space, Push back is often used in combination with Drive-In Rack, making it a combination rack system.