Pallet Support Bar In Pallet Racking System

Pallet support bar is  used to between beams to provide extra support for undersized and unusaual size load,meanwhile also add supprt to weak or heavy pallets. Pallet support bar also known as crossbar,is a good way to increase the safety of Pallet Racking sytem.

Not only do support bars provide an addtional layer of support for pallets,but they also keep pallet rack box beam tied together,help to prevent any deflection or sagging that could weaken the overall capacity of the shelving level.

Pallet support bar can be customized in variety of length and width to comply with diffirent system and standard.and can be designed to support fork entry and stillage.Alongside our anti-collapse mesh,pallet support bar from an effective solution to the risk of dropped and falling items.

Different companies have different requirements, Sunnyrack support bars can be customized  build to suit your needs and specifications. These products can be designed and manufactured with dimensions and weight loading specifications to suit your personal requirements. The choice is up to you to either use standard supports in stock or a bespoke design created especially for you! 

Sunnyrack,as a professional warehouse racking sytsem manufacturer,our product not only including Pallet rack but also some accessories such as Pallet support bar,Wire mesh deck etc.

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