Pallet Shuttle System

The Radio shuttle System is a unique storage technology with the ability to maximize your use of space effectively by combining:The highest storage density available;Maximum selectivity;Flexible and customized designs.

The Pallet Shuttle follows order sent by an operator using a tablet with Wi-Fi connection,depositing the load in the first free placement location in the channel and compacting the pallets as much as possible. By removing the need to drive forklifts into the lanes, storage capacity is increased in terms of depth, the risk of accidents and damage to the racks is negligible,operator movements are optimised and warehouse operation is modernised and made more flexible.

In this semi-automated installations, operators only need to drive the forklift that carry the pallets and initiate the motorized shuttle's activity. The movement of the pallet shuttles inside the shuttle racks is automated with a few commands selected by you on your handheld remote that will be provided with each pallet shuttle unit.

Sunnyrack pallet shuttle system is suitable for pallets with a pallet depth of 800 to 1200 mm  and for both FIFO and LIFO handling. The palletizing requirements of the goods are uniform and the variety of the goods is required. Should not be too much, such as chemical industry, tobacco industry, food industry.

Pallet Shuttle System brings :


While Radioshuttle moves the pallet through the racking, the operator is free to do other work.

2.Maximize storage utilization

Maximize available warehouse space usage of the full height of your warehouse building.

3.Maintain optimal selectivity

To select loads at each level and section is managed independently of the other levels and sections.

4.Cost effective

More pallet locations in exiting warehouse minimize use of external storage of pallets.

5.Minimize damage

Less damage to goods since the internal movement of pallets is done by Radioshuttle.

6.Efficient movement of goods

Your existing fleet of trucks and drivers can move more product because the Radioshuttle will do the movements of pallets