Pallet Racking For Automated Storage Rack System

Sunnyrack has finished another Automated Storage Rack system in Suzhou,China,on Novemver 2016.It maximize available space in existing structures and minimize storage space by up to 40 percent as compared to traditional storage solutions

There are two diffirent kinds of pallets:W1000*L12000*H1270(mm);W800*L1000*H650(mm);Same load capaicty 1000kg per pallet.

This Automated Storage Rack System contains totally 6604 pallet positions in the warehouse area L70000*W40000*H12000(mm),

Uprights post are respectively H10350*120*95*2.5(mm),H10350*120*135*3.0(mm),and there are 7 aisles in total,4 Stacker cranes are needed.

Automated Storage Rack Systems use automated very accurate order pickers guided with computerized lasers to pick in narrow aisles,Please let SUNNYRACK engineering improve your warehouse productivity.