Pallet Rack System Help You Maxmize The Warehouse Space

Why would it be recommended to use pallet rack? Pallet rack is a heavy duty rack which is a traditional storage rack. The application range of the pallet rack is very wide, including electronics, household appliances, communications, computers, instruments, furniture, clothing, cars, tires, supermarket stores and many other industries. 

So what is it that makes such a good reputation for such a public face's pallet rack? 

1. The structure is simple, safe and reliable, and it can be adjusted at any time. It is not restricted by order of goods. 

2. The frame of the pallet rack is made up of upright, H bracing, D bracing and bolt. The frame and beam are inserted to form the structure, and the safety pin is fixed, and the structure is simple and reliable. 

3. Pallet rack can be decided by the size of uprights and crossbeams which has the characteristics of large inertia moment, strong loading capacity and strong impact resistance. 

4. The upright height can reach 12 meters, and the plasticity of pallet rack is strong. On the basis of pallet rack, we build mold shelves, mezzanine, ASRS, etc., and also make special oil bucket shelves. 5. The pallet rack can effectively improve the storehouse storage height and improve the space utilization rate of the warehouse.