Pallet Rack,Mezzanine, Cantilever

Pallet rack,Mezzanine, Cantilever are the most common warehouse solution style.Sunnyrack specialize in warehouse storage rack system and we have a combined knowledge of 14 years of experience. We are experts in pallet racking system installation, mezzanine fabrication, and conveyor design.

Sunnyrack can make any size, gauge, and color of racking and shelving. Light duty and extra heavy duty pallet racks are simple for us to make. We use only the highest quality steel(Shanghai Baosteel) to fabricate our racking systems for warehouse use.Our new heavy duty pallet racks are our top1 best seller and highest quality produce we have.

Mezzanine floor rack system, which is can create additional floors of space for a variety of different uses such storage or extra mezzanine office. It is a very quick and cost effective way to create new space without the high expenses and inconvenience of relocation. Warehouse mezzanine can be one-floor or multi-floors according to the requirements from customers. They can be built over existing equipment and work areas, making maximum use of warehouse height.

Cantilever racks are the ideal racking system used for heavy large, bulky or oddly-shaped materials that must remain off the floor. The most common products stored are sheets of wood and metal, lumber beams, steel bars and pipes. Cantilever systems also offer you the ability to maximize your warehouse space and give you easy forklift access. We have a trained sales force that can help you create the right system that will handle the capacities you need.

If you have no idea what to pick, call our sales team at +86-25-89622571 today. They can help you pick out what you need to expand your storage.