Multi Tier Mezzanine Rack

Multi tier storage system is mainly used for storage and order picking of non-palletised goods, bins, cartons, or other storage 

units containing small components and for bulk storage. The multi-tier rack takes medium-duty or heavy duty rack as the main 

part.Generally, the cold-rolled steel floor slab, checkered iron floor slab or steel grating floor slab is used.The single-tier or multi-

tier rack can be designed according to the actual site and specific requirements, 2-3 tiers generally.

Multi-Tier system provides easy way to separate storage zones into many used functions, such as separate storage and dispatch 

area, or fast moving and slow moving item ,etc. It is widely applied to tall warehouses of small goods by manual storage in large 

quantities, and can make best use of space and save warehouse space.

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