Multi- Level Steel Construction Platform

A structural steel platform is a quick way to gain additional space at height without having to make costly structural changes to the floor plan.The self-supporting, walk-on and optional drive-on steel construction creates space at multiple levels: When new storage and work areas are provided, the lower level can also be used for production, for example. Compared with integral mezzanine floors, structural steel platforms offer many individual design options. They can be used as picking platforms, for instance. Structural steel platforms can be designed so that not only hand pallet trucks but also electric pallet trucks can operate on them.  Forklift trucks or conveyor systems provide the of material flow from the ground floor to the platform

Struture of Steel Platform Introduction:


The overall structure of the entire platform is strong, and different floor panels can be selected according to actual needs to meet fire protection or dust prevention requirements. The delivery of goods can use hydraulic lifting platforms, freight elevators or forklifts.

Advantafe of Multi- level steel platform structure:

● Cartons and bins can be stored, accessed and moved individually;

● Divided by 2-3 floors as usual which can carry 250-1000kg/m2;

● Additional facilities in passage: waterproof, electric lighting, fireproofing or the others;

Infinitely adjustable and offering a wide range of options and components to accommodate specific needs;

● Easy-installation & Easy Dismantle: all components are bolted, attached with flooring to build the second floor and third floor.

● Various floor type, checker plate, perforated plate, flat plate, grid flooring to fit different application.

● Low cost and accesses the variety of cargos conveniently.

● It can be easily expanded, moved or modified for future requirements.