Mezzanine Floor For Warehouse Rack System

Mezzanine floor rack takes medium-duty or heavy-duty rack as the main part, to use solid steel plate or solid steel checkered plate or perforated plate as the flooring.A single or multi-level steel mezzanine floor with racking can massively increase the amount of stock you can hold. You can also store items out of the way that are less popular or not in constant use. This can be especially helpful for businesses that store seasonal items or have high value products that need to be kept somewhere isolated and away from danger.  If you are storing stock at a height then mezzanine flooring can also be customized to include edge protection systems which keep your employees safe and prevents any costly accidents.

Mezzanine floor rack is widely used for all warehouses with small goods which is operated manually.

Mezzanine floor rack can make best use of the warehouse space. It is widely applied to auto parts,4S stores, light industry and electronics industry.

Mezzanine floor rack Can be designed into one layer or multi-layers according to actual situation.

Mezzanine floor rack Floor panel with large load capacity, low cost, quick construction.

Importantly, mezzanine floors also represent great value for money. Many business owners will often consider relocating as a way of fostering expansion but underestimate the disruption to trade and the cost of purchasing new property, two key factors which can make the relocation process very expensive.  Mezzanine flooring utilises space that you already have, so you don’t have to endure the financial headache of a move.