Medium Duty Mezzanine Rack System With Multi Layers Q235B Steel Material

Introduction of Medium Duty Mezzanine Rack :

Medium duty shelving forms the main parts of the Mezzanine, and cold rolling walkways connect all shelving to build a whole structure of Mezzanine. Special locks are used to fix walkway and catwalk tightly. The walkway has such advantages as good loading capacity, high precision, quite smooth walkway surface, and it’s easy to be fixed. The mezzanine is equipped with lighting system, easy for accessing and management of goods. Walkway surface can be customized to be smooth and accidented types and that with holes. Loading of the shelving in mezzanine is normally less than 500kg per layer; level height of mezzanine is between 2200 to 2700mm. Height of shelving on top of mezzanine is around 2000mm, taking loading and unloading of goods into good consideration. Staircase, hydrauliclift table and lift are equipped, combined with forklifts, for moving goods from ground to floor panels. Mezzanine is freely to design to be two-layer or three-layer based on the requirements from customers, taking full use of the storage space. This kind of mezzanine is widely used in the fields of automobiles, electronics, light industry and mechanics, etc.

Features of Medium Duty Mezzanine Rack:

Mezzanine Rack enable the full working height of a building to be utilized to it’s maximum by doubling the surface area. It adds additional space to existing structures.

Mezzanine Rack are customer designed and manufactured to suit all customers specific requirements.Installing a Mezzanine floor is the most cost effective way of optimizing your existing space, because all your fixed costs are already covered.

Mezzanine flooring rack can create additional floors of space for a variety of different uses such including storage or extra office space. Mezzanine floors are a very quick and cost effective way to create new space without the expense and inconvenience of relocation.It is fully customised to a organisation’s own specific needs, available in a wide range of floor surfaces and sizes to maximize and improve space in order to get the best use from the total volume of the premises。

With firm commitment to quality, Sunnyrack are engaged in manufacturing and supplying Mezzanine Floor. Extensively used in various industries, warehouses and other similar places, these floors are manufactured by using premium quality material and following the established guidelines of the industry. Along with this, our experts rigorously examine these floor on different quality parameters, before the final dispatch