Medium Duty Long Span Shelving From China Supplier

Medium duty shelving is consisted of frame, beam and panel.The panel can be diffirent type with powder coating steel deck,galvanized steel deck,plywood/ particle board and wire mesh decking.

It is also called Long span shelving ,widely used in stocking hand loaded or accessory storage and human access. The main components of Longspan Shelving System are uprihts, step beams, connectors, steel panels and accessories.Step beams are the horizontal components on which the load is directly deposited and on which the shelves are fitted in order to store small-sized products. 

Beams are joined to uprights by means of connectors which fit into upright slots. To different loading capacity, 2-hooker or 3-hooker connectors are adopted.Each beam includes two safety pins to prevent beam accidental dislodgement & falling.Each level of longspan shelving is made up of 2 or 3 steel panels according to the beam length and the weight of the products to be stored. 

Medium duty shelving

Specifications and Applications:

Cut-in composite structure, standard cut-in units

 Height of each beam is easy to adjust freely by a pitch of 50 mm

 Steel or wooden panels; steel panel is made of spcc.

 The load capacity of each panel can reach to 800kg

 The dimensions can be modified upon your needs

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