Medium Duty Long Span Shelving

Long span shelving,An ideal choice for hand-loaded storage of bulky or heavy items, site-specific single or two-tier systems.  Long-span shelving combines simple horizontal beams and vertical frames – similar to pallet racking – with the shelves supported on the beams.

Long span shelving:

Long span shelving is the most economical medium duty storage shelf;
Long span shelving is excellent storage solution for manual storage or small bulk items. Long span shelving can greatly improve storage density.
Long span shelving main component parts: frame and step beam, steel panel or wire decking can be equipped to store cargo;
Long span shelving is easy to install and adjust;
Surface treatment: powder coating, smooth, beautiful, antirust, and corrosion resistant;
Load capacity for per layer;300-1000kg

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Warehouse size;
Loading capacity for per layer;
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