Medium Duty Long Span Shelve with CE Certification

Long span shelving/Medium duty racking is also called long span racking ,long span shelving.

Long span shelving /Medium duty  racking consists of assembly frame, step beam or angle iron welded beam, steel panel or wire decking panel or wooden panel.

Long span Shelving/racking introduction:

1. Cut-in composite beam structure

2. The height of each layer can be adjusted by pitch 50mm freely

3. Steel or wooden panel

4. The load capacity for each panel is 800kg

5.The size of long span shelving can be fixed by users

6. Enabling the efficient storage of a wide range of goods

7. Long span shelving is made of continuous punching and rolling

Long Span Shelving Features:

1. Long Span Shelving, is a strong and durable shelving system.

2. It is smart and clean in appearance.

3. Long span shelving is cut-in composite structure with upright, step beam, panel and etc.

Steel panel, wire decking and wooden panel and is selective to put on the step beam.

4. Height of each layer is easily to be adjusted every 50mm.

5. Loading capacity can be up to 300-1000kg per layer based on different request.

6. Long span shelving is widely used in high density storage of small parts, heavy items, large and bulky items.