Medium Durty Racking System

Medium duty racking system is normally used in storage and shelving solution.It is widely used for hand loaded 

applications,inlcuding bulky/longer item,steel,building material,pallets,doors,furniture,rolls of carpet and other oversized objects. 

There is no need of bolt,rivet,screw to install the racking system,It comes with effortlessly and handy storage warehouse design.

The boltless design gives this system the versatility to interface with standard shelving and racking componets and the ability to 

be used in very high installations.

Features of Medium duty rack:

-Direct access to all load units stored.

-Easy load level with adjustment 50mm on vertical center.

-Shelves can be made up of steel panel,wood,timber,chipboard or metal.

-Suitable for most of the warehouse and cargo storage needs.