Maintenance Of Mezzanine Racking System

Mezzanine racking is important part for storage. As a mezzanine racking user, how should we maintain racking to let them have a longer life? We Sunnyrack is your support.


1. Prevent overweight. Different sizes of rackings are designed according to load-bearing. Therefore, the weight of the goods placed on the shelf must be within the load capacity of the shelf. It is best to place the load-bearing and load-limiting logo on the shelf, and follow the principle of light weight on the bottom of the shelf, that is, the bottom layer is heavy and the upper layer is light.

2. Anti-high temperature and moisture resistance. Although the uprights and beams are made of steel, and the surface is washed with phosphating and high-temperature spray, after being exposed to the sun, it may rust after a long time, thus affecting the service life.

 3. Develop a maintenance system for storage rackings. The staff learn and obey to ensure the safety and longevity of the shelves. The equipment can usually be cleaned by wiping, cleaning, lubricating, adjusting, etc., thereby reducing the chance of shelf damage and helping the company to reduce costs.

4. There are five regular inspections needed for the storage racking . That is, regularly check the tightness of the shelf bolt connection; regularly check the load of the beam when the shelf is stored; regularly check whether the shelf parts have been lacquered and timely replenish the paint; regularly check the stability of the shelf, you can stand on the shelf and sway the shelf. Test the stability of the force, check the joints of the beam and the upright regularly, to see if there is any damage.


The core of maintenance is to ensure the safety of the shelf.