Is The Heavy-duty Warehouse Racking Upright The Higher The Better?

When sunnyrack works on a solution for customers, the uprights and depth of heavy-duty racks are the most important technical parameters we consider. Many customers want to increase the height of the racks storage space, so the height of the rack upright is higher, the better? Today we will explore this issue.

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In general, it is recommended that the height of the heavy-duty rack upright between 6-12 meters is the most reasonable. If the rack height is too high, it will affect the storage efficiency and safety of the cargo.

Considering fire safety, there are ceiling lights at the lowest end of the general warehouse, so it is necessary to ensure that the top layer stores the goods and leaves a safe distance before the ceiling lights.

At the same time, the decisive factor in the height of the heavy-duty rack upright is the height of the warehouse and the maximum lifting height of the forklift.

Generally speaking, the top layer of the heavy-duty rack also stores goods, so the upright and the lowest end of the warehouse should be kept at a distance of about 2 meters.

In addition, the technical staff should know the model of the forklift used by the customer, the minimum turning radius and the lifting height when making drawing for the customer. If you don't know them, it may cause problems such as the forklift and the shelf are not matched and cannot be used normally.