Is Mezzanine Floor Rack Practical?Sunnyrack Helps You Know It Better!

With the development of the rack industry,mezzanine rack is becoming more and more familiar to the public.The original warehouse will be transformed into a two or three storage area in height by using mezzanine rack solution to increase its storage has been favored by the majority of factory-type enterprises as for its good storage.

So what’s the advantages of mezzanine rack?

1,The mezzanine rack have good loading capacity and space utilization.

Mezzanine rack is layered on the original space,it performs very well in terms of loading and can meet the large amount of goods but also make full use of the warehouse space,improving the utilization of warehouse capacity and expand the storage capacity of the warehouse.

2,The mezzanine rack have a good circulation and goods are displayed clearly.

Mezzanine rack meets the convenience of goods storage and access.goods can be stored and accessed freely in any unit.100% of goods selection ability,smooth turnover.the goods in mezzanine rack are placed clearly which is convenient for inventory,classification and boxes and turnover boxes can also be used to make the classification of goods more clear.

3,The material specification of mezzanine rack can be customized.

The quality and material of mezzanine rack are important.The deck of mezzanine rack can be wooden board,steel panel or wire mesh decking.special strip floor plate,pattern steel plate,grille plate and template are also available to meet different requirements.


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