Introduction Of Shelving Materials And Performance Indicators

  Introduction of Shelving materials and performance indicators

  I. Material Description:

  Adjustable plug-in modular shelves are mainly composed of columns, transverse bracing, oblique bracing, crossbeam, fork hook and hanging angle, laminates, bottom feet, fastening bolts and so on.

  1, vertical frame piece, by column, transverse support, oblique support, bottom baseboard and so on, the Shelving column adopts 80*60*1.8mm and 55*47*1.5mm Cold Bending "" steel, transverse support and inclined brace adopt 1.0mm rectangular steel pipe, the bottom foot uses 2.0mm thick cold-rolled plate.

  2, Cross beam: beam rod body adopts 50*30*1.2mm Cold bending welding "P" steel, the left and right fork hook angle adopts 2.0mm thick cold punching bending plate.

  3, the layer board uses 0. High quality cold-rolled steel plate.

  4, the staircase uses the 3mm high quality non-slip pattern board production, Shelving the floor uses G323/40/100FP high strength steel grating.

  5, solid bolts using the national standard GB5781 series.

  Second, Shelving performance indicators: all Shelving components are selected high-quality raw materials by cold rolling processing molding, its strength indicators are as follows:

  1, cold-rolled Profile Strength Index (N/MM2), steel type tensile, compressive, bending, shearing, end pressure (grinding flat-top), Q235 cold-formed Steel 205 120 310

  2, each layer of uniform load at more than 250kg.

  3, the overall strength and stability in line with the "cold-formed thin-walled steel structure Technical Specification" (GBJ18-87) to determine the standard.