Introduction And Techinique For Warehouse Drive In Rack

Warehouse Drive in rack is used for forklift to drive into the channel and access pallets,widely used in industry of small variety but large quantities.It is suggested that no more than 7 pallet positions depth because of forklift truck need enter into the rack to pick up or out goods. Guide rails can be selected if want to improve forlift driving speed.

Drive-in pallet racking is the lowest cost and most popular form of high density pallet storage. 

Drive-In pallet racking provides excellent storage capacity in applications where there is a large quantity of pallets for each SKU.including general manufacturing, food and beverage, as well as the cold storage industry.According to inventory rotation,last-in/first-out (LIFO) and first-in/first-out (FIFO),Drive in rack can be divided into Drive in rack and Drive through rack.Drive in rack is best controlled within 6 pallet depths;Drive through rack is best controlled within 12 pallet depths to improve the efficiency and reliability of the forklift access.Take the stability factor into consideration,also have to controll the height of upright,better to within 10m.In addition,Drive in rack should be equipped with stretch and fixed device;Unit weight of each pallet no more than 1500kg;Pallet size in length should not exceed 1500mm.

At last but not least,it is the Acceesories installed in the warehouse drive in rack.Qualified bolts ensure the stability of beam,pallet rail ect.

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