Instructions For Warehouse Pallet Rack Installtion

Proper assembly for warehouse pallet rack system deserves the same attention to detail as the other steps.

1.There are a few impotant points about the space and orientation of warehouse pallet rack which customers must bear in mind.First,It should be perfectly vertical,level and square on the pallet racking assembly.and use shims which help to ensure rack stable.Secondly,leave enough space to fully operate any lifting devices,including forklift.Inadequate space maybe results in lifing equipment dangerously colliding with assemblies.

2.Make sure all connections,safety pins,steel screws and anchors are secure.They are important to the structural integrity of pallet rack and to the safety of anyone in the vicinity of the racking.Users must tighten nuts and bolts to secure positions,and use safety locks for boltless connections.

3.Good preparing for assembly:Inspecting the components,gathering tools,measuring and laying chalk lines,helps the actualassembly run more smoothly.

WARNING:The installation detail drawing that follow are intended as basic guides to installtion of the standard components.