Industrial Warehouse Drive In Pallet Rack Storage System

Drive-in pallet rack system provide another way to maximize storage space in a warehouse,it allows inventory to be stacked high and deep ,the forklift operator loads and unloads pallets by driving into the aisle.


The operator fills the inventory space by placing pallets in a column at the rear of the bay, then building another column of pallets in front. The process continues until the bay is filled. This means that the oldest pallets can be found in the rear, making this another Last In First Out arrangement. When removing pallets, the forklift operator picks the topmost one from the column closest to the aisle, maneuvering into the storage area when needed. 


This drive in pallet rack contains a series of tunnels with rails on either side at multiple levels that supports the pallet. Drive In pallet rack can be subject to more abuse than Selective pallet rack.

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