Industrial Metal Wire Mesh Container

Wire mesh container is a both collapsible and stackable wire-welded basket for your storage space to organize the product flow. This storage container gives you an economical and effective way to keep everything in order at the same time prevent product waste. When you use it, you can stack it maximum at four levels in height. And when you don’t use it, it could be collapsible to save your space. Sunnyrack offer various sizes of strong, functional and dependable wire mesh containers to meet your unique storing needs. Customizing a specific size is also available.

Benefits Of Using Wire Mesh Storage Container

Wire mesh container is stackable. You can stack them three or four levels without the conventional racking, and you can freely move them to anywhere.

Wire mesh container is a visible storage by its mesh design. Even you stack three or four containers in high, you can easily see what is stored inside.

Wire mesh container is collapsible when it’s not used. It improves your storage capacity, makes everything organized, safe and clean, and at the same time save your storage space when they are not used.

Wire mesh container can be used almost all applications including normal warehouse, workshop, distribution, and cold room or frozen storage.

Our rust-resistant galvanized wire mesh containers are durable, portable, self-cleaning and shippable. The process of galvanizing the wire mesh after welding ensures a longer service life for the basket. Our wire mesh containers reduce costly product damage associated with bulk stacking. They also offer better space utilization, product identification and easier bulk material handling.