Industrial Attic Rack Mezzanie System

Attic rack normally used mid-sized rack or heavy rack rack as the entity and support of floor. Set up support beams under the flooring tiles.The floor generally use cold rolled smooth steel plank,Perforated open plank, and Ribbed steel plank.It has the advantages of strong load-bearing capacity, good integrity, good load uniformity, high precision, smooth surface, easy locking, etc. There are many types to choose from, and it is easy to match the lighting system, so it is convenient to access and manage. 

These Antic rack,also called  mezzanine rack,which is customized to fit your exact area, height, color and load requirements.It is designed for high warehouse, making full use of storage space by separating the space into 2-3 parts, improving the storage density, suitable for storage small items, manual operation and large quantity.Create new production, office, storage or assembly space, locker rooms, parts departments, stockrooms, cafeterias, company records storage, work platforms, distribution centers and more. 

Benefits of Attic rack / Mezzanine Floor

Mezzanine Floors enable the full working height of a building to be utilised to its maximum by doubling the surface area. It adds additional space to existing structures.

Mezzanine Floors can be used as storage areas, fabrication areas, packing areas and offices among an array of other uses.

Mezzanine floors have paid for themselves in less than 24 months by doubling storage while rental stays the same.

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