Increase Warehouse Capacity With Drive In Rack System

If you stock many pallets of the same SKU then drive-in pallet racking is for you! . 

Drive in racks maximize warehouse floor space by allowing a greater number of pallets to be stocked in the same space as selective pallet racking, reducing square foot to pallet position ratio. This particular type of pallet racking system is especially beneficial for temperature controlled storage because it minimizes unused aisle space.

Drive In Rack stock pallets that are driven into the racking system by forklift and loaded onto horizontal rails. Pallets are removed by forklift from the same opening through which they are loaded. Drive in rack is typically placed against a wall or are otherwise closed at one end of the system.

Safety Loading & Unloading:

With Drive in pallet racking system,loading and unloading pallets safe and securely without causing damage to product and pallet racking, as well as preventing injury to workers is the biggest priority. 

Regular Maintenance:

It is highly recommended that regular safety checks be performed to verify that the racking system hasn’t incurred any damage that may compromise the strength of the pallet rack or operator’s safety. Focus on checking for damaged upright frames, loose anchors, and damaged pallet rails.