How To Select Industrial Cantilever Rack System

Cantilever racking as a type of storage racking sytem,is widely used for storing long type products or ring items and irregular size goods,such as steel pipe,cable etc.

Following is some tips for choose appropriated Cantilever racking system.

  1. There are 2 options on cantilever rack arm: Single side or Double side.

2.Diffirent column and base according to cutomer's loading capacity requirement. Normally,there are C style or H style steel.Besides,it is equiped with sealing plate at the end of the base,so that be more stable when load products.

3.Cantilever arm is the main support when loading,and it is generally up 2 degrees in case of being bent.

4.Bracing between 2 columns should be CX style,with higer stability.

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