How To Maximize Warehouse Pallet Racking Space

Warehouses and factories are places where pallet racks are commonly used for storage of goods and products.Storage pallet racks are in big demand due to their versatility and convenience.




Make sure that the Storage system is Specific to your Own Requirements.

.Aisle width

If forklift or trucks used,the aisle widths need to be considered carefully,as safety factor including turning circles and passing one another.. If you have a tall building with a small footprint, consider narrow aisle racking as a solution,which also called VNA Pallet racking.

.Racking depth and beam length 

Depending on the items you are storing, you may need deeper or more narrow racks.It is more resonable to use multiple depths of warehouse racking,when storing a variety of products.This is especially true of deep products such as rolls of carpet,steel pipe or tubes.What is more,take the product's minimum height into consideration.

Some warehouses with high level,with ceilings reaching well above their current storage racking. This space could be well utilised with a little planning and investment,then come out some other new warehhouse rack design.

.High racking

It may be worth investing in extra high racking to take full advantage of the height of your building.This may also involve the purchase of specialist handling equipment and extra safety measures; but it could be time and money well spent for a vast increase in storage space.

.A mezzanine level

A Mezzanine Floor is an intermediate floor between main floors of a building, and therefore typically not counted among the overall floors of a building.

A full assessment of all the requirements of your company, in conjunction with a pallet racking design specialist, can enable to you ensure that you are really making the best use of the space that you have available.