How To Maintain Heavy Shelves, To Long-term

Customers buy a shelf, the use of heavy shelves may have encountered during the shelf deformation, paint off and a series of problems, first of all, we have to understand, paint is generally deformed, the direct result of the consequences. So how to prevent this situation, which is shelf life and use efficiency to maximize it, we can take precautions from the following aspects.

1, the deformation caused by the uneven distribution of the weight of the goods, to prevent upward force from leaving. To ensure that the beam and its locking device (or screw and nut) engagement, the shelves in the design should follow the principle that the test should be reported, the test equipment should be approved by the state qualified metrology department calibration | test pass. The data used to calculate the storage shelves must be based on or experimentally obtained. Warehouse shelf structure is often difficult to theoretically make accurate analysis, we must make use of the corresponding test to determine the parameters required in the design, but also can be directly through the test to determine the load carrying capacity of a warehouse shelf structure or a component. Heavy shelves should be checked regularly in the use of the normal operation of the beam lock or screw and nut fastening, heavy-duty rack stacker or forklift action caused by the lateral momentum, seismic fortification. Beam type warehouse shelves, each beam must be equipped with locking devices at both ends or with screws and nuts, heavy shelves make the beam can be fixed on the column steadily, timely replacement of damaged devices.

2, the goods between the goods and storage shelves and goods and fire pipes left a safe distance between, consider the uneven distribution of goods caused by the deformation, stacker or forklift movement caused by the lateral momentum, between goods | goods And shelves and between the goods and the fire pipe to leave a safe distance between the storage shelves leaving the fire sprinkler space seismic intensity fortification; for major projects must be finite element calculations, the selection of high-quality steel, surface rust and decorative treatment, to ensure that Under the premise of shelf performance, try to reduce construction costs. Shelf strength | Stiffness and stability of the complex, under the seismic safety of a comprehensive assessment. For reusable standard shelves, there should be a common calculation book. Warehouse shelves stay sprinkler room; strict design procedures, storage, design shelf structure, should take into account the use requirements | equipment conditions | load properties | material supply and installation conditions and other factors, the rational choice of structure | structural measures and Production of materials, to achieve advanced technology | affordable | safe application | to ensure quality. When designing the shelf structure in either the endurance or the maximum load limit, the storage shelves must comply with the relevant standards and have a calculation book. Beam-type shelves, each beam must be equipped with locking devices at both ends, or provide screws and nuts tighten the beams can be stably fixed to the column, to prevent upward force from the outside. To ensure that the beam and its locking device (or screw and nut) engagement, storage shelves in use should be regularly checked crossbar lock or screw nut tighten the timely replacement of damaged devices.

3, the choice of high-quality steel, storage shelves surface rust and decorative treatment, to ensure that the performance of storage shelves under the premise of minimizing construction costs Warehouse shelf bolt diameter | minimum size buried, must be based on the actual load | seismic load or Wind load, determined by calculation. 2.4m following manual loading of the small shelves may not be fixed. Warehouse shelf column column foot should be properly fixed on the concrete foundation. To clear the shelf with the ground connection is the use of embedded parts, the use of secondary irrigation program, or the use of chemical bolts directly connected with the ground program. The settlement value of the rack-in-one rack should be strictly controlled to ensure the normal use of the rack structure. In the design of non-library rack-in-one shelves should pay attention to the separation of the basis of the shelves and building the housing foundation to prevent the force of the shelves structure resulting in damage to the building.