How To Design A Satisfactory Mezzanine Racking Solution For Customers

In order to improve space utilization, warehouses and workshops of all walks of life will give priority to mezzanine racking. How to design a satisfactory mezzanine racking solution for customers? Let's talk to you about it:


First, the preconditions for choosing mezzanine racking

1. Usually the customer’s warehouse or workshop area is relatively small, the effective net height is relatively high (H=4500mm or more), and the customer wants to pursue space utilization;

2. Customers need to store a relatively large number of product specifications; product weight is relatively small, each layer of load is usually less than 500Kg;

3. Storage operations are mainly manual (forklift operations usually choose high racking);


Second, the preparation work required before the design of the drawing

1. Customers need to provide detailed warehouse internal dimensions drawings (preferably CAD versions);

2. If the size provided by the customer is ambiguous, there are invisible obstacles (ventilation pipes, fire hydrants, various lines, etc.) inside the warehouse. We will assign professional technical engineers to measure and photograph on site to ensure the size and site. It is very important to be in perfect agreement;

3. What is the product stored in customers’ warehouse? sizes? And the amount of storage and usage requirements that you want to achieve?


Third, the detailed steps in the production of the program

1. With the above preconditions, we will select the most proficient engineers who are good at mezzanine racking design in the technical department;

2. Under the premise of the height of the warehouse, refer to the customer's requirements and the overall capital budget investment to determine the selection of several levels of mezzanine rackings, usually: two-floor mezzanine racking, three-floor mezzanine rackings etc, the height of each floor to the ground is usually: H = 2200-3000mm, and the special height can also be customized;

3. According to the comprehensive requirements, choose the most reasonable and most economical material specifications and models to make the solutions more competitive;

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