Ho'w To Deposit And Withdraw Goods In Mezzanine Steel Platform

Attic shelve rack is a common shelf in the warehouse, which is popular among customers. Attic shelves can make full use of the space above the warehouse, and can be made into multi-layer storage methods such as second and third floors. The attic shelf is suitable for storing some light-bubble, small and medium-sized goods for manual access.

Some customers who do not understand attic shelves often ask, there are generally multiple layers in attic shelves, so what should I do when depositing or withdrawing goods? Climbing stairs with bare hands? Although the attic shelves store some light foam goods or small and medium-sized goods that are not very large, if they only go up and down the stairs with bare hands, on the one hand, it is more tiring and consumes manpower costs, on the other hand, it also wastes time and greatly reduces work effectiveness.

In addition to the use of stairs, there are many other ways to store and store goods in the attic shelves, which can greatly improve work efficiency.

1. Slide: Attic shelves are composed of multiple layers of shelves and platforms, and the height is high. In order to shorten the time for depositing and withdrawing goods, you can use the slide to deposit and withdraw the goods and let the goods slide off the slide. It saves the handling process and saves time, which is very convenient. It is worth noting that not all goods are suitable for sliding down the slide, especially some fragile goods that need to be handled lightly cannot be taken away from the slide, which is easy to cause damage.

2. Lift truck: The lift truck can be used to transfer goods between the same floor, which can reduce the use of time and improve work efficiency.

3. Hydraulic lifting platform: the more frequently equipped storage and retrieval equipment on the attic shelf can transport the goods to the second floor or other floors. The hydraulic lifting platform has a large load, which can transport the goods to the arbitrary layer, reduce manual handling, run fast, save time and effort, and improve work efficiency.

4. Forklift: Attic shelves can also cooperate with forklifts to stack goods on pallets, and then forklifts will deliver the goods to the attic from the delivery port.

5. Stairs: manual access to the goods, whether it is the lower or upper floors, is mainly to manually store the goods on the shelf, and picking the goods is also manual