High Level Cantilever Shelve Rack Advantages

Compared with common cantilever shelves, this high-level cantilever shelf is better than others in terms of load capacity, stability, safety, space utilization, etc. 

1.More High

The height of an conventional cantilever rack is generally around 2 meters, and the height of the high level cantilever shelf up to 6m,which realize to 100% use of the vertical space of warehouse.

2.More Strength

The length of the conventional cantilever shelf arm is generally about 1 meter, each arm can carry less than 1000kg, and the high cantilever shelf arm can reach 1.6 meters, each arm can carry up to 1500kg, which meets the customer's large load capacity requirements.


3.More Stability

1)The selection of normal cantilever shelf column and arm is generally C-shaped steel, and the selection of this high-level cantilever shelf is H-shaped steel with higher price and larger capacity;

2)Normal cantilever shelves horizontal and diagonal brace are generally single-inclined, single-horizontal, and the high-level cantilever shelves are double-horizontal and double-inclined, which effectively prevent column deformation;

3)Normal cantilever shelf columns generally do not have stiffeners, and this high-level cantilever shelf column adds stiffeners to increase cantilever stability;

4)Normal cantilever shelves generally do not have barriers, and the high-level cantilever shelves have increased barriers. It is necessary to place a variety of products, and the barriers are integrated into one, which also increases the overall stability and load capacity of the shelves;

5)Normal cantilever rack base connections are generally ordinary expansion bolts, and the high-level cantilever racks are fixed with higher, stronger, and safer chemical bolts.

4.More Safety

Normal cantilever racks are generally not equipped with guard rails. Because the high-height cantilever racks are high in height and carry heavy loads, special guard rails have been added during the design to prevent forklift operation errors from hitting the racks, eliminating potential safety hazards, and using them more securely and safe.