Heavy Duty Selective Pallet Rack System From Nanjing Sunnyrack Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

The most common way of storing pallets is Sunnyrack selective pallet rack,a effective storage system designed to make it access 

to each pallet at any time,especially when the inventory has a quick turnover. Most important,it allows for maximum number of SKU 

and multiple SKUs,which is a perfectly  reliable selective pallet rack system that improves pallet shelf organization,as well as 

effeciency and safety  by transporting the cluttered pallets on a warehouse into an organized rack system for easy access.

Selective pallet rack is also the most economical option for warehouse pallet racking system as price per pallet position are 

cheaper,When compared with more complex high density pallet rack systems. 

Selective pallet rack ,as one kind of most popular heavy duty pallet rack system used today,are designed to maximize storage and  

accessbility for any pallet in anytime.

Contact Nanjing Sunnyrack Manufacturing Co.,Ltd to speak with a knowledgeable warehouse pallet rack specialist to discuss the 

best warehouse pallet rack solution for you.