Heavy Duty Pallet Rack For Warehouse Rack System

Heavy duty rack ,know as pallet rack,whcih is the most popular warehouse pallet rack.made of uright frame,beam and other compnents.The frame consist of uprights and bracings & beams fixed with hooks.Heavy duty pallet rack system is a most useful and cost-effective storge rack system which provide direct to access to each pallet,and make it maximize high capacity storage space. . It is convenient to load and unload pallets with goods on by using forklifts.


Heavy duty pallet rack is an ideal warehouse system for any kind of storage need. Widely used in field of

manufacturing industry,distribution center etc. In a word,heavy duty pallet rack is a good choice for high positon



Standard section sizes: 80*60, 90*70,100*70
Boxed Beam:
Standard section sizes: 80*50, 100*50, 110*50, 120*50, 140*50, 160*50, 180*50.
Small Components include:
Post Baseplate, Bracing, Plastic Block for assembly of horizontal bracing, Anchors, Bolts & Nuts, and Safety Pin.
Accessories to Pallet Racking Systems:
Row Spacer connecting Upright Frames for stronger structure, U-shape Post Protector, L-shape Post Protector, Frame

Barrier, Pallet Supporting Bar, Steel Pallets, Plastic Pallet, Special custom-made Pallets, Cage, Mesh Container,

Mesh Deck, etc