Guidelines For The Installation And Placement Of Drug Shelves

  Guidelines for the installation and placement of drug shelves

  Now a lot of industry competitiveness, mainly from the quality, price, service and many other conditions to compete. First to understand the four principles of production shelves:

  1, shelf storage space is very important, so in the production is also the greatest strength to produce the largest storage space. The greater the space to play the economic benefits is the largest.

  2, the shelf is the shelves of goods stored, naturally in accordance with the space suitable for the design of the goods, so first of all to understand the goods themselves, such as shape, size, weight and other data. The shelf designer designs the most suitable shelves according to the size of the goods.

  3, to fully understand the warehouse environment such as warehouse area, type, channel, height, ground, fire prevention facilities, etc .; related equipment: such as forklifts, stacking machines, elevators. Forklift need aisle. Turn length and so on.

  4, planning a reasonable display of the shelf. Cargo flow to smooth. To be done, whether it is artificial or mechanical are able to move freely.

  The production of the pharmacy shelf is like this. Does this give us a general idea? Can facilitate us to better choose the pharmacy store pharmacy display

  Pharmacy shelves put the skills? : Now pharmacies in the small medium and small cities have increased the trend, in order to make their own pharmacies in many drugstore competition to achieve the purpose of high profits, then it is necessary to highlight the characteristics of their own pharmacy, how can the pharmacy shelves out of the characteristics The

  To introduce you, pharmacy shelves placed to reflect the following principles:

  First, we must follow the principle of convenience, and now people's pace of life is accelerating, the concept of time is also constantly enhanced, so the purchase of drugs on the most obvious place to facilitate customers to buy, and the purchase of drugs to put both Quiet and light enough places for customers to pick slowly.

  Second, to follow the principle of eye-catching, in particular, commonly used drugs to let customers see a glance at the location, the other drugs in large, medium and small categories to be clear and reasonable distribution.

  Third, we must follow the principle of clean and beautiful, pharmacy shelves people look clean and beautiful will give people a refreshing feeling.

  Fourth, to follow the principle of relevance, the same type or associated drugs placed in the same or adjacent drugstore shelves.

  Fifth, we must follow the principle of flexible layout of the shelves