Galanvized Welded Wire Mesh Decking For Pallet Racking

Wire mesh decking is commonly used as a safety meassure on selective pallet racking to prevent pallets or the goods stored on 

them from falling down the pallet rack structure. Wire mesh decking comes in various thickness and mesh dimensions.It is also 

variety from wire diameter and chanel numbers. Wire mesh construction also allows for easy identification of shelf contents and 

prevent dirt and other debris from accumlating on the shelves because of the holes in the mesh. It is also recommended as a 

feature because wire mesh allows for the sprinkler systems to work more effciently should be a fire in the workplace.

Features of Galanvized wire mesh decking:

1. 90% picking efficiency, and appropriate for picking heavy goods by pallet.

2.High Strength and durability, easy for complete installation.

3.Surface treatment: galvanization or powder coating, beautiful, antirust, corrosion resistant and oxidation resistant.

Sunnyrack provides three types of wire mesh deck: Flared wire decking, drop in wire decking, channel wire decking. Flared wire  

decking is widely used on the selective pallet rack with box beam,drop in wire decking is mainly used on the long span shelving 

with step beam or Z beam, while Channel wire decking is very popular for teardrop pallet rack with American step beam

Flared wire decking

Drop in wire decking

Channel wire decking