Force Analysis Of Beam Type Shelves


The load of the beam refers to the load of the loading on the beam. Since the beam material generally has a large weight of the structural steel, it is necessary to consider the influence of the beam's own weight in the calculation process, and load it on the whole beam in the form of uniform load. .


The force of the beam is related to the placement of the cargo in the actual working state. Therefore, the form of the force is relatively complicated, but generally the two basic types of uniform load and concentrated load can be distributed. In actual using, which is mostly a combination of two forms.


1.Evenly loaded

In the case of a small span of the beam, the cargo is a bulk or small packaged item and placed directly on the beam. The load of the cargo can be uniformly distributed in the middle of the beam and has a certain lateral distance from the column.


2. Multi-point concentrated load

In the case where the span of the beam is relatively large, the goods are placed on the beam in the form of a pallet, and the contact between the pallet and the beam is a line contact rather than a surface contact, and the force of the load on the beam is concentrated on the legs of the pallet, so each calculation is performed the load on the pallets is loaded on each leg of the pallet in a concentrated manner.